Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Maple Sugar Bush Continued..

Time Out !    16" x 20"    O/P

I think that it is becoming more unusual in today's working sugar bush to see a team of horses pulling a 'stone boat' or low center of gravity sled with  a tank on it. 
In "the day", the team would go on route from tree to tree so that the driver could empty the sap bucket contents into the tank on the sled. Once the collection of the sap had been completed, the tank and sled was dragged through the bush to the sugar shack by the horses where the sap from the trees was processed. 
It was hard work for the horses on deep snowy and uneven ground. 

I used a limited split palette for this painting on a pre stained Masonite panel. My medium was Odourless Mineral Spirits used sparingly after the first "wash" of the drawing or composition. As the painting continued, I gradually and sparingly mixed Liquin to my mixtures.

'til next... 



Very wonderful winter painting !!!

Karen Fox said...

You're right, hard to find and glad you caught it! Nice gesture brushwork on the horses and their owner.

Frank A. said...


Thank you very much for taking the time to post your compliment. I appreciate it !


Frank A. said...

Karen Fox..

Karen, Thank you !

"Nice gesture brushwork on the horses and their owner."

This is 'something' that I have been trying to do more of.. 'sometimes' it escapes me ! :)

Paint On!