Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Maple Sugar Still In The Making...

Waiting For The Sap    12" x 16"    o/c

Although it is not plainly seen, this painting was painted on a pre stained gallery wrapped canvas. As in the previous paintings the ground colour was an acrylic orange red. 

I think that this painting reflects a more contemporary feel/ look because of the addition of the truck . It may not be as "nostalgic" or "romantic" as horses and stone boats as seen in some past paintings of sap gathering. But I do believe 'the truck' in this case, does serve an "update".

This is a sketch for the finished painting, "Waiting For The Sap" . This sketch was on the same canvas as the finished painting and gives some idea of the procedure and direction taken.

 Sketch for "Waiting For The Sap"

'til next...

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