Tuesday, February 04, 2014

Another beautiful winter day, with more snow to come..

Cast Winter Shadows And Cardinal    12" x 16"     O/P

A beautiful sunny day with a promise of ten cm. (four inches) of snow to follow. So,winter painting continues ! ...Perfect, just perfect ! (sarcasm intended) :)  .. .

This panel was gessoed and pre stained a "peach colour" . 
The oil colours that I used for this painting were my usual limited palette. 
My medium was odourless mineral spirits which I used freely (as a wash) at the beginning of the painting to mass in the bigger shapes and to establish the layout or composition of the piece. As the painting progressed , I used less medium.

The larger format, 12" x 16" was fun to work on . It seems that I have been stuck on 10" x 12" for a long time.

'til next..

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Frank A. said...

Fabrizio Carbone

Fabrizio, Hi ! Thank you very much. Your compliment is appreciated.