Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Old Time Winter..Snow, Snow and .. Snow !

Early Morning Chores    10" x 12"    o/p 

This painting was painted from a reference photograph taken ( and e-mailed to me) by my good friend and fellow artist, A.W. (Bruce) Sherman. As we are mostly house bound by the cold and deep snow, we cannot get out to do any outdoor painting. I thank him for his thoughtfulness, and for allowing me to use this reference, as it got me through this morning's painting session . 

This Masonite panel was pre gessoed, two coats. The panel was then coated with a layer of red- orange acrylic paint, pryer to painting.
I used my usual limited palette for this painting. 

The original photograph from which the piece was painted is seen above.

'til next..


Meredith Adler said...

Beautiful winter painting, and thanks for showing the photo you used--always instructive to see how an artist interprets their reference photo. Your use of color made the painting into something quite special...

Bruce Sherman said...

Gidday Mate!... You more than got through your session Frank... you produced another "Edwardian" gem!

Could just have easily have arrived out of a plein air session! It's painterly... interpretive and expressive... as always!

Love it Loner! A "keeper"!!

Talk at ya you later tonight!

Happy Trails!

Frank A. said...

Meredith Adler

Meredith..I am happy that this response is quicker than the last.. :)
" thanks for showing the photo you used-"
You are welcome, my pleasure.
Thank you for expressing your observations. I appreciate them ! :)

Frank A. said...

Bruce Sherman..

Thanks Bruce! I'm happy that you have, "my back". ha ha..


Very beautiful winter painting !!!

Frank A. said...


Thank you, Thank you very mush .