Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Hunting for colour

Autumn Creek    10" x 12"    o/c

Autumn creek was painted on a Masonite panel that had been triple gessoed and  pre stained  prier to being painted on. The original  layout was drawn with a  'loose' mixture of ultramarine blue and alizarin . This was followed up with a larger brush to lay in the darker colours (shadow areas and dark objects ) in the composition. I used the same brush to lay in the middle tone values of the brighter colours on top and around the shadow areas and dark objects.

Lastly, I checked the values of my colours (many were overly close to each other on the gray scale) and removed many of the middle values. From there it was simply a matter of using my "rigger" to put in a few sticks and branches to suggest some detail and help give a finished look to the painting.

'til next..


J & B said...

Lovely painting and thanks for the process!

Frank A. said...

J &B

Thank you very much for your compliment and you are welcome to/for the process.