Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Gesso texture continued..

Roadside Family Farm    10" x 12"    O/P

This is the latest piece that I sort of experimented with the application of the paint on the "swirly" white gesso. I think that this would be the next step from the last painting in application of the paint. I feel that the layers of paint and "how" they were applied are more evident in this piece. Except for the fall colours of the trees, which were layered in their application,  the sky can be seen as more scumbled with thin layers over the textured gesso and the 'pinker' areas as "scumbled washes" if you will, allowing the texture of the gesso to influence the application.
This may also be seen in the face of the barn . The scumbling and wash of colour to interpret the values and colour of the barn as opposed to the individual boards just seems more natural to me.
The foreground barnyard was also treated this same way. 

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Karen Fox said...

I always sand mine layers. I think it's an illustrator's need for a hard surface? You seem to like the effects you're getting though. I enlarged the photos but it was difficult to see.

Maria Luisa Adães said...

Very interesting and good!

maria Luísa "os7degraus"

Frank A. said...

Maria Luisa Adaes

Maria.. Thank you very much for your opinion on my posting. I appreciate the compliment.

Frank A. said...

Karen Fox

Karen.. I think that the "rougher" surface also helps the paint to stick to the panel better, as opposed to the smooth surface, especially in damp or if painting in "drizzly" weather.


Karen Fox said...

Good to know. Thanks again Frank.
Also, I like this end of Autumn painting. I was out last Friday in sun/sleet/wind/sun again. I had to pick a sky. I decide on the steely grey. It was a grand fall wasn't it!