Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Snow Doons   ..11" x 14"   ..o/p

This painting first started by me applying a reddish orange wash to the entire surface. I let it set for about five minutes and then rubbed the surface lightly to remove the excess runny wash. I had not tryed a background wash for a number of paintings and I wanted to see the visual effect of using the new palette on it.
I do like the result of the background 'peeking' through where the paint is applied around the contour of the foreground tree on the left. I prefer this "look" to the "close crop look". I think it is softer.

The painting was started with a loose wash in the darkest value of the object's mother colour. The painting was further refined as each later colour/value was added to the appropriate object. Lastly, the detailed subjects were added as finishing touches.

Again, I must say that I enjoyed playing with this new limited palette.

'til next..


Antonin Passemard said...

great one ! I am a big fan of your work !

Frank A. said...


..Thank you very much Antonin, I am honoured !


Susan said...

This is really beautiful. I love the vigor of your brushwork.

luk said...

great piece !

Frank A. said...

Thank you very much for the generous compliment. :)
I must say that I really enjoyed your blog and the confidence diplayed in the drawing and brushwork of each piece.
Very mature work,IMHO

Continued happy painting to you.

Frank A. said...

luk..Thank you very much .
I have a Wacom intuos that you have encouraged me to try and use since seein your blog. :).. Thanks !

Anonymous said...
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Frank A. said...

...Dear Reader.. An unsolicited advertisement has been removed !

multimedia solutions said...

Really amazing work and i love it... cheers..