Monday, February 13, 2012

A Roadside Sketch   ..5" x 7"   ...Oil / Panel

It is what one does if it is determined that the weather is too cold, cold and windy, cold and not enough light, or, who wants to get out of a warm vehicle ?...The procrastination goes on and on. It can happen any season of the year. But for me, it happens mostly in late winter, right around now !

Now is a good time to get out the 'thumb' pachode box, the little panels and the limited palette and a rag to clean your brushes.This is all the equipment one will need to do a quick sketch, without having to 'stomp' the feet for circulation or chase a blown canvas down some ditch.

How much information one needs for a quick sketch is determined by you or maybe the conditions under which you are working. There is nothing to say that you can't  take it home , give it a few last licks and call it a "quick reference sketch".

...And you have accomplished something today.

'til next..


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