Monday, June 01, 2020

Rock Leaping

Rock Leaping    Oil / Stretched Canvas    18" x 24"


Gary said...

Great picture for escaping. I like the view. Takes me back a bit.

Once on a canoe trip in the 1960's on a vast lake north of Chapleau, Ontario, I decided to go skinny dipping/ bathing on the back side of an island on which we were camping. We had not seen another soul for 3 or 4 days. I remember two things: 1) how cold it was to jump off the rocky shelf into the water and 2) the speed boat full of people that raced by just as I was climbing out to dry off. Everyone waved and I was not arrested for indecent exposure.

Frank A. said...

Thanks, Gary ! I am pleased that the painting brought back
memories for you. The best part was reading of your "memory".
...What a "hoot."

Thanks again