Monday, August 05, 2019

Chisholm Mill

Chisholm Mill    20" x  24"     Oil on Stretched Canvas



Very beautiful painting !!!

Frank A. said...


Thank you very much , Stelios .
I appreciate your comment.
I think that I may have to alter the
values here and there before it is finished.
Happy Painting !

René PleinAir said...

Wow this is a great one Frank,

You aren't one Facebook I'll presume, ... missed your work overthere now I hopped across my weblog some more lately.

Hope you're well.

Frank A. said...

Rene Pleinair
Thanks Rene. I Appreciate the "Wow". (Wink wink !) lol.
I am over on Instagram a lot now.
But, I have been having trouble "commenting" most times lately.
I have seen your "stuff" there from time to time. Your looking good !
No , not on facebook. (do not need the trouble) I find that I am wasting more time
on the computer than I should. I could use the same time for painting.
Summer has been a great time for painting this year.
All are well here and I hope you and yours are the same.

May your next painting be your best ever !