Tuesday, January 03, 2017

After The Snowfall

After The Snowfall    11"x14"    Oil/ Panel


Gary said...

Nice use of the palette in this one to my tastes. I have been lazy about commenting but still check your blog every morning. Gary

Frank A. said...

Hi Gary..

Nice to hear from you again. I am happy that the limited palette

suits you colour tastes. :) Thanks for checking the blog while having

your morning coffee.

....Appreciate your comment !


René PleinAir said...

Happy new year Frank!!

Snow what a magical stuff isn't it?
You can paint the whole world over again when it turns white.

Frank A. said...


"Happy new year Frank!" The same back at you, Rene. :)

Yes, the snow can seem magical and you can paint the whole world

over again, as long as you do not have to shovel it first. :( .. ;)

Good painting in the coming year...