Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Autumn On The Moira River

Autumn On The Moira River    14" x 18"   Oil / Canvas


Gary said...

I spend most early mornings at the local bagel shop. I use my smart phone to check my mail and the weather. Then, I open your blog to see if a new painting is posted. I really enjoy the way that you handle complex landscapes. This one is a pleasure to see.

Karen Fox said...

I agree with Gary! You have no idea how enjoyable your landscapes are Frank. This one especially. Well said, Gary.

Frank A. said...


It is nice to know that I am
in your morning routine. Hope that I
do not disappoint.

Thank you very much.. :)

Frank A. said...

Hi Karen..

I really appreciate your comment, Karen.
How kind of you to say !

Thank you very much !