Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Spring Run Off..

End Of Spring Run Off    16" x 20"    O/C

I have had this painting hanging around (hidden) for some time. Being as today is a rainy day, I decided that it was a good time to bare down and finish it,
I am happier about this painting since I finished it today than I was the day I put it away.
Perseverance and time pays off. !

'til next...



Very beautiful painting !!!
Have a nice day !!!

Frank A. said...


Thank you for your comment/compliment.
Today, I visited your Art Blog. I am impressed with the great number of beautiful paintings that you have done. Nice technique !

A nice day to you as well.

Peace !

Karen Fox said...

Feels to good to have a happy ending. Bravo!

Frank A. said...

Thanks Karen..

Yup, another one bites the dust ! :)

Got your Exhibition Card.. good one !
Thanks !