Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Fall Birches In The Sugar Bush

Fall Birches In The Sugar Bush    12" x 16"   O/C

I think that it is time to bring my spring series of sugar bush paintings to a close. It has been fun and a good painting experience for the last few weeks of winter painting. In a way it will be sad to see the last of the snow, not that I am a big fan of it, but I certainly love painting the cast shadows on the surface.
Now I long for spring and the warmer weather. It brings its own painting problems and solutions.

The colours for this palette were, ultramarine blue, alizarin ,cad yellow med., cobalt red (purple) grey light (tube) burnt sienna and titanium white. My medium was odourless solvent.

So spring, I hope you are happening !

'til next...



Very beautiful painting and nice colours too !!!

Frank A. said...


Thank you very much.
I appreciate your opinion again.

Frank.. :)

Karen Fox said...

You make the ordinary extraordinary. Thanks for pointing it out. I too will miss the snow- a bit…but it is time to start painting spring.

Frank A. said...

Karen Fox

Karen. Thank you ..and you are welcome.. :)

"time to start painting spring."

Yes ! Let's get at'er !