Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Sugar Bush Painting..

Pancakes with Maple Syrup In The Bush    10" x 12"    o/p

Another "Sugar Bush Painting" in what is fast becoming a series of late winter paintings while waiting for spring.
When visiting this particular sugar shack, one may sample fresh pancakes smothered in maple syrup made on the premises. ...Does not get much better...

This piece was painted with a limited split palette on a pre gessoed panel that was under coated with a red-peach acrylic colour.
Odourless Solvent was my medium. (Used Sparingly)

'til next...


Karen Fox said...

Has a nice cold feel Frank, so I bet those pancakes were a welcome treat!

Frank A. said...

Karen Fox

Thanks Karen.. yup ! Kinda puts a crimp n my diet ! :-)


Very beautiful painting !!!

Frank A. said...


"Very beautiful painting !!! "

Thank you very much. I appreciate your compliment or comment.
From your paintings, it looks very warm where you are. We could use some of that (warm) here ! ;-)