Wednesday, January 08, 2014

First Fresh Snow of the New Year..

Fresh Snow    12" x 10"     o/p

For the last few days, we have been blasted with a true cold winter and fresh snow. It would happen just as things are beginning to settle down after the busy holiday season and the start of a new year.

The interesting thing from my prospective about the above painting is that the palette for this painting was the left over paint from the last painting, "The Snowman", which was painted before Christmas. It was a case of having to break through the thick skin of the drying piles of paint, and being able to use the leftovers with liquin and a touch of odourless mineral spirits as my medium.  I did have to add some titanium white to the palette.
First Fresh Snow of the 
In all it was a "limiting" and fun exercise.

'till next...


Karen Fox said...

Simply charming

AK said...

Fresh snow with lots of color. Love this.

Frank A. said...

Karen ..Thank you ! Love your comment. It suits the "simply" palette :)

Frank A. said...

AK.. Good to hear from you. Thank you for your comment and compliment.I tried to get some "warmth" in the cooler colours..

Take care..

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Very beautiful painting !!!
Happy ad Creative New Year 2014 !!!

Frank A. said...

AK... " Fresh snow with lots of color. Love this. "

Thanks, AK !That coloured "stuff" is still coming down as I type ! :)

Frank A. said...


Thank you very much for the nice compliment.

A Happy and Creative 2014 to you as well. :)