Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Church On The River    9" x 12"    o/p

This painting was painted on a Masonite panel that had two coats of gesso applied to the surface and a acrylic under painting painted on top of that. I changed the colour of the acrylic under painting in this painting to a mixture of yellow ocher, white and a little cad yellow medium. Basically, just for a change.

The palette for this painting was ultramarine blue, cerulean blue, alizarin, cad red, cad yellow, Indian yellow, yellow ocher and titanium white.

The initial layout was drawn in with a wash of dark oil paint to identify the shadow areas and the outline of the rest of the layout.  I let the wash evaporate for a few minutes before starting to lay in the heavier and final 'mother' colours.

This was a very enjoyable painting to work on.

'til next..


Aly said...

Hi Poppy!

I can't believe this is the first comment that this painting is going to receive - I think it's one of my new favourites. Love the lighting, and especially the lovely blue hues. :)

Lots of love from your granddaughter!

Frank A. said...

Thanks , Aly ! :)

I am happy that you like and commented on this painting.

Thanks for the Love,
Poppy !