Tuesday, December 10, 2013

A Snapping Cold Sunny Morning..

Pine Point    9" x 12"    o/p

As you can see, I painted this piece on a pre stained, red-orange Masonite panel. I purposefully left small areas of the background red showing through and influencing the final colours. As I have mentioned before, I like how the pre stained background effects the final painting.

The palette for this panting was, cerulean blue, ultramarine blue, alizarin, cadmium red middle,
cadmium yellow, lemon yellow, and titanium white .
In this painting I used original liquin to help speed up the drying time, especially in the painting of the background.
Because I was using liquin as a 'quick dry' medium mixed with my other colours, I did not want the oil paint to dry in furls of my brushes after using them, I made sure that I cleaned the brushes well and lastly, dipped the brushes into a container holding baby oil and gave them a quick wipe, reshaping them. This film of baby oil in the hairs will keep any missed oil paint from drying in the  brush, rendering them useless.
As a word of caution, I would add that before using the same brushes the next time out, that you give them a quick dip in your odourless mineral spirits followed by a good wipe. No point in mixing baby oil and linseed oil in your paint mixture. Hey, works for me !

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Karen Fox said...

Glad you brought that up. Baby oil. Just started that myself. Good tips for plain air Frank. Red warms the frigid scene. Nice.

Frank A. said...

Karen.. Sometimes things are taken for granted and one cannot just assume that others know this stuff.
"Red warms the frigid scene. Nice."

Thanks Karen ! :)