Friday, November 08, 2013

From the past..

Fishermen   12" x 10"    o/p 

Yesterday was a 'stay at home' kind of painting day. When trying to find a subject from my reference photos, I decided to try something out of the normal for me today. This reference photo was taken from a earlier paint out this past summer at the "floating bridge". I usually paint landscapes sans people.
Also out of the normal for me is that I usually do not paint in the portrait or 'vertical' position.

I used  one of my landscape panels for this "people" painting,  and no changes were made to its' preparation to accommodate the subject matter. 
In this instance, my "attack" plan was the same as it would have been for a landscape painting. (as in the previous painting) I think that this method saved me from having to deal with the details before the composition and attitude of the figures were finalized. Those details, as few as they seemed, were saved until the end.

My palette for this painting was the same palette that I would have used had the painting been a landscape.
The final painting has an "illustrative look" to it in my humble opinion, but I do not think that is a bad thing.

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William R. Moore said...

You have already said most of what I thought. My first response was to check the name of the artist and then I thought of illustrator, Bernie Fuchs. I was thinking this is not the type of painting I associate with your work. Like you said vertical format, figurative and to me the application of paint seems different from your Plein Air work.

I like this very much, illustrative or not it is a very fine piece. Might not be a bad idea to try and do more outdoor figures Nice composition. A pleasant surprise.

Bruce Sherman said...

Good one Loner!... It's definitely a keeper for the stringer!

A "stringerful"... as Bill has suggested is a fine idea!

Surprised the hell outta me too! I thought I had my Norman Rockwerll button by mistake! HA HA!!

Be talkin' at ya!

AK said...

Great job Frank.

Frank A. said...

William R. Moore


Thank you very much for your compliment and comment.
I think that the application of paint may have had something to do with fact that it was an "inside job". :-)
I think that you may just be right. I will seriously think about painting more out door figures. Thanks for that advise !

Take Care.


Frank A. said...

Bruce Sherman

Bruce.. Thanks for the reply ! It is not often that I get a chance to fool anyone let alone you...
I think it is a good idea to paint other figures in nature. ... Now if I can just get someone to sit still in sub zero weather for a time.

.Hey, ...Living the dream !

Frank A. said...


Thanks AK ! Nice to see you again.

Karen Fox said...

Well, you raised my eyebrows but hey, I know you can draw people, It's not your first time. I like the older man's slouched position carrying his tackle box. I'm glad you said the illustrative thing isn't a bad thing.
I don't think it is either.

Frank A. said...


"I like the older man's slouched position carrying his tackle box."

I think that the method that I used, wash in - take out, had a lot of influence on working that out. So much detail not to have to worry about until the end.

" I'm glad you said the illustrative thing isn't a bad thing."

Well, we old illustrators have to have each others back.. ;_)

Thanks for posting, Foxy.


Frank A. said...
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