Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Summer greens give way to autumn colours..

Country Home In Early Autumn    9" x 12"    O/P
The fall colours are really beginning to take a grip on the northern countryside. I seems to me that the colours began slowly and if memory serves me right, the fall colours were beginning to appear  as early as September in the swampier areas.  With the colours the way they are today, I find it all so refreshing .
My palette for this painting was a limited palette. The colours were a mixture of ultramarine blue, cerulean blue, alizarin, cadmium yellow, cadmium lemon yellow, yellow ocher, and titanium white.
And I will admit to a yellow green being on my palette as well.
The use of these "autumn" colours was a welcome change to the "summer greens".
'til next...


Meredith Adler said...

Nice use of color to create the feel of sunshine and shadow. I like how you did your sky, too.

Frank A. said...

Meredith Adler

Meredith, thank you for your observation and compliment.
I checked out your blog ..loved it! Nice work !
... Will be sure to check out your web site.