Monday, October 07, 2013

Paint Out At The Winery...

Autumn Forrest     20" x16"    O/C

I have just arrived home from a three day paint out at Eagle Point Winery . For the most part, it was three days of painting in the rain with ten kindred spirits and the odd sunny break.
The first painting, Autumn Forrest, was for the most part, painted in the rain the first day and finished as best as the wet canvas would allow me, the following morning. Painting in the rain at the time certainly seemed to darken the colours, leaving very few high brights. This meant that the values were very close together, making it harder to distinguish between the objects. Not to mention the absence of shadows.
The piece was painted on gallery wrapped canvas that had been previously stained with an orange red acrylic colour.

My second canvas, was painted during a sunny break in the weather. The sun certainly made a difference in the 'space between ' the values and there were also shadows to help with the perspective.

Autumn Blush    10" x 10"    O/C
The Truck    10" x 10"    O/C
A big part of the winery I feel is the equipment that it takes to upkeep the many acres of the vineyard, the access roads, the many mowed areas and the upkeep of the buildings, to mention a few. From time to time, I think it is a good idea to include in a painting, 'a human element'.  It is something that the viewer I feel can relate to in the scene, a 'comfort zone' if you will, be it a 'fence ', a 'footprint', a 'building' or in this case, 'The Truck' .
This painting was also painted on gallery wrapped canvas that had been pre stained with an orange red acrylic colour.
This last painting, although it was pouring rain, we painted from under a former horse shelter, four posts and a roof that kept us and our canvases dry.
We also backed our vehicles into the open sides to serve as a wind break. Quite comfortable considering all, really!

 An October View    8" x 10"    O/P

In spite of the weather, it was a weekend of painting with friends, meeting other  artists and renewing old acquaintances. I am  thankful for all three..
'til next..




J & B said...

A very successful weekend is what the paintings say!

Frank A. said...


Thank you very much for your thoughts on my weekend of painting, John. I am happy that the paintings say that .