Tuesday, February 05, 2008

"Drift And Shadows" 9"x 12" O/P

As it happens on occasion, I did not have to travel a long way from home to find this scene. I was able to stand on the plowed snow bank, which helped to give an elevated vue of the subject. A little unsual for me and a nice change of pace.

This piece is painted on (my standard it seems) a prepared Masonite panel with my three coats of gesso and lastly, a coat of Colourfix Primer toned to a mid grey.

I am still experimenting with the drybrush layin as opposed to a "washy" method of laying in. The outcome may best be seen in the trees of the background. Little or no medium was used in this area. As the painting progressed, my colours where mixed as needed on the palette and scumbled onto the dry suface. The colours stayed where layed. I liked the effect !

I am still painting with the rather limited palette and it seems to suit this method in that the colours seems to stay cleaner as there are fewer of them in the mixtures.

So, the journey continues..

'til next.


Frank Gardner said...

I am really enjoying winter through your eyes Frank. You know how to work those grays. The slightly elevated view works well too.

Liz Abeyta said...

Those distant trees are fantastic Frank. Thanks for the peek into the process. Love this one!

Michael Pieczonka said...

Frank, nice job with the trees in the BG. I love the mauvy colours you're using there. Have you always painted with a #5 value as a base? For some reason, I thought these would be started on just plain white. Perhaps because the contrasts seem so vibrant.

Frank A. said...

Thanks Frank.. appreciate your comments.
Glad that you are enjoying winter through my eyes... : ) right now, I would rather be where you are. : )

Frank A. said...

Hey, hi liz...Thanks!

"Thanks for the peek into the process."

My pleasure .. : )

Frank A. said...

Michael, thanks.
Usually, (last five years or so) I paint on a coloured background. The colour changes from time to time and I try to keep the value as close to a value five as I can.The col.does not necessarily change from painting to painting but from the influences of the seasons,weather etc. Quirky, eh ? The white of the support does nothing for me peeking through the colours of a finished painting.

Michael Pieczonka said...

Thanks for the tip Frank. I've recently gone to starting on a toned surface, and am finding it easier to work for some reason. If it works for you... it'll sure work for me :)