Sunday, February 28, 2016

Winter Birch

Winter Birch   9" x 12"   W/C  140 lbs Cold Press - Fabriano


Aly said...

Oh wow, hadn't seen this one. It's quite spectacular! Is it evening, or is it dawn? The light and shadows are incredible.

Lots of love (again from your granddaughter!),

Frank A. said...

Thank you, Aly !

I appreciate that you take the time to check these paintings out from time to time
and comment. Thanks !
Perhaps when your life gets back to being your own again, we can go for a "paint out".

As the sun rises, the rays break through the copse..

Love you more, Poppy..

Aly said...

Sorry this response is so delayed, but I would love that. :)

Lots of love from Aly again!

Frank A. said...

Aly.. Good ...It is a painting date then ! :)

Love, Poppy !