Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Winter Trees

Winter Trees In Snow Drift    9" x 12"   Oil on Panel


René PleinAir said...

What a feast to watch!!

Snow, ... could you send some over, seems you've got more then enough overthere!!

Frank A. said...

Rene PleinAir..

Thanks Rene! Happy that you thought it was a "feast" :)

Extra snow is on the way to Holland...it's in the mail.

All the best in the New Year to you and Yours..


Victor Errington said...

Lovely snow painting Frank. But we don`t need it thanks. It`s very cold here.
All the best mate.

Frank A. said...

Yeo, Vic...Great to hear from you. Thanks for the compliment :)

We have been lucky so far as little snow has fallen. But,...Last night

was a "White-out" with -26*C, with the wind chill factor, -36*C (Digging out this morning !)

No painting today !

Take Care !