Monday, January 12, 2015

The Canal In Winter

 Ice Skating    16" x 20"   O/P

This piece was painted using my limited palette. The limited palette in this case was made up of the following colours... ultramarine blue, cobalt blue, cadmium red light, alizarin, trans. oxide red, cad yellow med., yellow ocher and titanium white.
My med. used sparingly, was odourless mineral spirits.
And my brushes, for the "lay in" of the composition, a 'liquitex' 1/4" flat. and two 'flats', a number 8 and 6 bristle . When finishing up, I used a "rigger" as well, to sweat the small stuff. 

It was a fun painting to work on, but.. in retrospect, a bit tedious ! 

'til next...


Karen Fox said...

Worth the tediousness. Canal?

Frank A. said...

Hi Karen !

Hope the New Year started well for you guys !
Yup, the last hour was a chore. Guess I bore easily. Hey, Thanks !

You do not recognize the Rideau ? :)

Keep spreading paint ! (warm or cold..)

Karen Fox said...

Oh yes I recognize it. Don't known why I put a question mark.
Funny how sometimes it's a chore and other times it's such fun. Started a large 24x36 last night of a wonderful stormy sky. Blocked it in with a 3" brush. Now that was fun!

Frank A. said...


"Blocked it in with a 3" brush. Now that was fun! "

..And, that is the best therapy for anti boring !
Keep smearing it !! LOL.
Good luck with the big painting..