Tuesday, December 02, 2014

Into Winter..

Hillside Snow    8" x 10"    O/P


René PleinAir said...

It sure is winterly!!

It also has a Larry Seiler feel to it, ... guess you like his work as much as I do.

Stay warm!

Frank A. said...


It was "blistering cold" today !

Thanks, guess you like the painting ?
IMHO, I feel that Larry's work has "loosened up" since his retirement from teaching. (I told him so.) ..And colours are less predictable.
It has more of a Frank Edwards feel about it.! YUK YUK ! :)

To you and yours, Have a great Christmas, and the best of painting and good health in the New Year.


René PleinAir said...

Hahahahahaha this is making my day!!! Too funny!!


Already X-mas wishings? your the first one! Or are you taking time off?

Frank A. said...


I am happy that I could make your day. :)
Like I said, Rene, "In My Humble Opinion".

"Already X-mas wishings? your the first one! Or are you taking time off? "

I get to communicate with you about twice a year, and there less than thirty days left in the year. I do not think I am rushing it.

First, ..Really ?.. Good on Me !
No days off...

Be good ! They are keeping a list. :)

René PleinAir said...

They are keeping a list?!?!?

Who are they?!?!

Karen Fox said...

And checking it twice!
Nice feel Frank. It's beautiful out there right now. Soft Currier & Ives scenes. I've finished a couple of pieces but haven't braved the cold yet.
I'm banished to the basement while we get ready to host Xmas. I think I'm in charge of painting the Gnomes!!!