Thursday, December 11, 2014

A Hockey Portrait..

Luke Edwards  #17, The Carleton Place Canadians Jr.A , CCHL   48" x 40"   Oil/Canvas

This is a portrait that I have painted over the last four days. It is a portrait of the younger of my two grand children playing for Niagara University in upstate New York. Both young men are playing on a full athletic scholarship for a N.C.A.A., Division One, hockey team .

A team from Carleton Place, Ontario, that Luke was a member of, played and won their way to the Canadian National Jr.A final Championship Tournament in British Columbia in the spring of 2014, only to loose in the final overtime game.  A heart breaker !

I had in my mind to, in someway, keep the memory of that exciting spring adventure alive for Luke.
I decided that this portrait, (painted by his, "Poppy") would be my fitting way to do that.
"Merry Christmas, Luke."  and ..."Thanks for the ride !"

"till next...

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Bruce Sherman said...

Good one Loner!... and what "a ride" it has been for Lukie, Brock... Gramma and Poppy since they were mere mites... playing at every arena and tournament all the way to Niagara!

You are blessed as a family... and I... blessed to have been watching cheering on the sidelines... and listening while we pasinted together!

A grand Christmas present Frank!

Happy Trails!

Tonto (Bruce)