Friday, November 21, 2014

Winter has arrived...early !

The Dog Sled    11" x 14"    o/c

My first winter, snow painting...for this year !

My thoughts and prayers go out to the poor folk in Buffalo. I have never seen snow like this before. Unbelievable ! 
I can't help thinking that the worst is still to come as the forecast calls for warmer weather to follow. The melting snow will be heavy and unmanageable .

I used my limited palette for this painting.
To begin the painting, I "scrubbed" in or filled in the basic shapes with different values of the same colour as dictated by the scene.  This scrub in was for the most part the darkest values in the painting. Once the colour values "set up", I was able to continue with the lighter colours on this dark value background.
I used odourless mineral spirits to lay in the basic shapes and less as I worked towards the finished painting. 

I think that this method is becoming more the norm for me.

'til next...


Karen Fox said...

You are amazing! Glad I'm not closer or I'd have to go out with you!!!! Nice first winter painting Frank.

Frank A. said...

Karen.. Thank you very much for the compliments ! ..All three !
Glad to get that first one under the belt. I think that this is going to be a looong winter .
Hope you are painting up a blizzard ! :)

Paint on !


Very beautiful winter snow painting !!!
Happy weekend !!!

Frank A. said...


Thank you very much.

I hope that there many more chances to get a really good snow painting.

Painting is much better than shoveling !

All the best in Painting.