Sunday, November 16, 2014

1* C... Snow Tomorrow.. Yuck !

Boathouse In The Thousand Islands    12" x 14"    Oil / panel

A painting buddy and I painted in a Thousand Islands Provincial Park, practically under the International bridge that runs between Canada and The United States.

I think that I was lucky to have set up my easel in a open sunny spot. That spot , as time passed, seemed to take the edge off the 0*C temperature. I think that the biggest nuisance was keeping the hand warm enough to manipulate the brush.

I kept the lay in darks quite runny and thin. With the open breeze and cold, I felt that the wet paint would evaporate quickly and leave a nice surface for the lighter colours and values to come.
It seemed to go to plan.
Subsequent colours were less "runny" than the original "darks", went on easily and at the same time were mixable with previous colours.

Here is a photo of the original scene..

You can see the amount of "editing" I did as I painted. I think that the cold helped with that !

Here is a photo showing the painting as it progressed.

Photo By Bruce Sherman / Artist

I think that this painting was a prelude to winter painting and to getting acclimatized to what is to come.

'til next...


René PleinAir said...

zerro degrees and with that amount of water in the area is indeed COLD!!

Waterkoud, they would say in The Netherlands, ... watercold it means as much that the wind-chill factor is completely not right.

Brave guys you are but then again your living in Canada. I like the painting and your houses are still tilting a bit, which I enjoy for that matter, it makes your painting even happier.

Hi to Bruce btw.

Frank A. said...

..Hey, Nice to hear from you again.
I appreciate your comments and short visit. :) Yup ! I like that "animated" look that the less than straight buildings give me. Sort of goes with all that is not straight in the rest of the painting...

I see from the blogs I visit that you are still a very busy artist. Nice stuff goin' on !

Snow today !
I will pass the "Hi" on to Bruce.

Best of painting to you. Rene.

Karen Fox said...

Good for you two! The colours sure have changed Frank and you can see the turn in the weather in this prelude to winter scene. I too like the wee lean to the buildings you always have. It's your signature for sure. Nice piece.
We are blanketed in snow here in Christmas town. Enjoy!

AK said...

I do not know what to choose, your lovely snow or the hot sultry weather of southern India. Guess the snow and cold will be better! It is a great work Frank. Happy painting.

Frank A. said...

AK Thank you for your respected opinion.

Perhaps we could compromise on the hot and cold weather. I think we deserve a bit of both.

Happy painting back at you ! :)