Saturday, October 18, 2014

Painting In The Rain..

A Boat House In Autumn    8" x 10"    o/p

How many times while painting in the rain has one just about had enough of the rain and said to one self, "What am I doing out here ?" 
It is about now that the sun comes out , right ? Well, isn't that par for the course ?

So, now the plein air artist asks himself/herself, "What now... Do I chase the sun hitting the fall leaves or do I attempt to paint the beautiful autumn cast shadows ? 

One dabbles a spot of colour here and there while waiting for answers. ..."Guess what ?"

It is raining again !    

Questions answered, problem solved...

'til next...


Karen Fox said...

Nice finish Frank!

Frank A. said...

Thanks Karen...glad you checked it out ! :)