Thursday, October 09, 2014

Beyond Fixer upper !

No Trespassing..!    9" x 12"    O/C

After hearing two loud gunshots, four people and a dog in a Jeep came out from behind the building and headed toward me, while I was standing on the edge of the road.
The front seat passenger got out of the Jeep and came toward me, at the same time, saying that the property behind the house was private and was used for hunting.
 I was advised to stay out  !
After some small talk, He revealed to me that this piece of property was the only access to his hunting ground and that he had attempted to purchase it.
The owner was asking Fifty Thousand $ for it! ...
My first thought was and it stumbled out automatically, " Is that with or without the house ? "
After an awkward pause in the conversation, I realized my attempt at light humour kind of wobbled over his head.
Being the gentleman I now realize he was, he ignored my attempt at light humour and bid me, "Good Day".

I stand embarrassed !

'til next..



Very beautiful painting !!!

Frank A. said...

Thank you, ART- TRAVELLER..

The autumn colours around here are "paint" inspiring.

Take care..

Karen Fox said...

If you get too much paint on yourself it might look like camo, be careful out there Frank! Nice piece.

Frank A. said...

Thanks Karen.. been away for a few days. careful ? Yes..Hunting season is under way...
Sorry about your cold. Hope you are feeling better soon.
Happy Thanksgiving ....anyway ! :)