Wednesday, October 01, 2014

Back to Amherst Island... Again !

South Shore In Autumn    11" x 14"    o/p

Today, Artist Bruce Sherman and I headed out to Amherst Island. The day started out with overcast skies, and a misty fog in the air.
It was not the ideal or most inviting kind of day for plein air painting, but it did allow us to explore the south shore of the island. (Lake Ontario touches the south shore of Amherst Island)
We found a number of good painting locations with fall colours and finally settled on a site on the main road facing west. As we set up our easels and readied ourselves to paint, the fog lifted and the sun came out behind us.
It turned out to be a beautiful day.  A day of friendly 'banter', friendship  and painting.
...Autumn  at its' best !

Here is a photo of our "painting spot". You can see how I edited the scene as I painted.

'til next.


Linda said...

Really beautiful! Warm greetings from Montreal.

Frank A. said...


Thank you for your comment on the painting.
I also appreciate the warm greetings from Montreal..Thank you for those as well.!

I hope that you are enjoying the fall colours..