Sunday, October 26, 2014

Autumn Spin

The Cyclist    16" x 20"    o/c

Again, another painting using the split limited palette.
This painting is on a canvas that was not pre stained, not did it have a coat of gesso added to the surface before being painted upon. Truthfully, the canvas did not 'feel' any different than one that had been prepared with the extra coats of gesso or being pre stained. (Although , I do like the look of the red pre stained canvas when finished )
Having seen the painting before me as I type, my gut feeling is to darken the value of the bush on the right side. I think that I will do that !

...And I did !

'til next..



Very beautiful autumn colours and trees painting !!!
Have a nice and creative week !!!

Frank A. said...


Thanks again ! Nice to see you here.

Have a great week !