Tuesday, September 16, 2014

A tug on the St Lawrence River...

The Tug, Blue Quill    8" x 10"    O/P

This past weekend , as you know , was the weekend of the Plein Air Painters International paint out.
My friend and painter, Bruce Sherman and I decided to paint at a spot previously scouted. We set up our equipment and began the usual banter and painting under the semi protection of the van's back door. It was a cloudy, rain threatening day!
The scene that we intended to paint was the tug boat, that you see above. About ten minutes into the painting, down came the rain. Thoughts of "packing it in " soon followed !

By the time I had finished taking down the French easel, only the outline of the painting was visible on my canvas as the rain washed the rest away.

Today, I finished the painting of the tug boat !

'til next...


AK said...

This is a great work. Love the vibrant colors.


Very beautiful boat painting with so nice colours !!!

Bruce Sherman said...

Gidday Loner!... Proud of you Buds!

That "washout"... is now a gem!...As fresh a plein air piece as if it had been completely finished there.

But we know... don't we Frank that it's all about getting "out there". The experience inspires the heart... and the brush!

Thanks for sharing the day. It's so good to bepainting... "side-by-each" again!

Stay tuned for my version... HA HA!!!

Happy Trails!
Bruce (aka Tonto)

Frank A. said...

AK.. Thank you very much for your comment. With our autumn arriving, colours are the order of the day.

Frank A. said...

ART-TRAVELLER ..Thank you very much. I guess that I had better keep looking for the "bright spots" to paint ! :)

Frank A. said...

Bruce ..Thank you for your comment and the company. In spite of the rain , it was a 'fun' day.
Looking forward to more. (without the rain!)