Monday, August 25, 2014

...More Seagulls !

Resting Gulls    16" x 20"    O/C

Now that I see it on my monitor, I am thinking there are a few adjustments to be made. ..Feels familiar !

This is the "second" stage of the painting, meaning that I remembered to take a picture of the painting as it was progressing .
Most of the canvas is covered now and this stage becomes the 'fun part' of the painting process,  in my humble opinion. I am now heading for the finish of the final painting.

This photo represents the 'first stage ' (yes, I remembered to use my camera) start of the painting. In this beginning, I used a brush to lay in the bigger shapes (with 'loose/runny' paint and medium) of the composition, all the while adjusting  the shapes and throwing in some colour here and there to help with the visual parts of the big areas. Quite messy looking, but the ideas are there to be seen and adjusted by me.
Still adjusting, but adding more coloured darks in the appropriate areas as the painting continues. Once these darks have been established, one may proceed with the laying in of the lighter colours, or their values, as in "The second stage".

'til next...



Very beautiful landscapes painting !!!

Frank A. said...

I appreciate that you check out my paintings on my blog and leave your comment.
I hope that your summer has been productive for your art..

Frank A..

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