Wednesday, August 13, 2014

..Back to Amherst Island...

A 'Stella' Home..    11" x 14"    O/C

The prospect of painting in the village of Stella on Amherst Island did not look promising yesterday.
It rained all day yesterday and the outlook for today was more of the same !
But, today started with sunshine and it held on and off for the rest of the painting day.
...What luck !

The photo on the left shows the main subject of the painting.
I have included this photo for those who may be interested in viewing the original subject and comparing it to the same subject in my final painting.                                        

The photo on the right is a  "blow up" of the small barn at the end of the driveway and gives a better view of the details that I saw compared to how I handled them in the final painting.

You may disagree with me, but I feel overall, that the final painting feels more 'relaxed' than the original view and that the painting emits a certain 'character' .

'til next...  

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