Wednesday, July 09, 2014

Surrounded by colour..

Riley's Garden Center    16 ' x 20"    O/C

Photo of subject taken approximately from easel set up.

Subject and the Plein Air Painter

'til next...


Karen Fox said...

That's making a silk purse out of a sow's ear! Did a little yard cleaning too. I like it.

Frank A. said...

Thanks Karen ! Yes, it did take a little juggling. :)
I added a pic of me painting. Just got it today. (not a profile !) :)
I am going to make a "dry run" before Wednesday so I know where to go to paint... :)

Karen Fox said...

I find the French easel great for the larger canvases. Looks like fun. I was out with Shelly Burke today in my neighbour's back yard. Got a 9x12 done. Onward!


Very wonderful painting with so lovely colours !!!
Have a nice and creative day !!!

Frank A. said...


Thank you for checking out the painting and for commenting. Nice of you to take the time to reply.
The summer sun can slow one down :)

Keep spreading paint !