Friday, July 18, 2014

Rockport On The St. Lawrence...

Rockport    11" x 14"    O/C

The restaurant in the village of Rockport on the St. Lawrence River. One could not ask for better painting weather . Many tours of the Thousand Islands originate from these docks.
I Painted with an old painting buddy, Bruce Sherman today. He and I have put on a lot of "painting miles" together.

This photo shows the position we painted from compared to the 'village' below.

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Very wonderful painting of Rockport on the St. Lawrence !!!
Happy weekend !!!

Frank A. said...

ART- TRAVELLER.. I appreciate your comment. It was a beautiful day of painting.
Thank you very much..


AK said...

You have done justice to the view. This is fabulous.

Frank A. said...

AK... Thank you very much for the compliment and the vote of confidence. I appreciate them both.

Frank A..