Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Idle Summer Time

The Swimming Hole Swing   10" x 12"   o/p

'til next...



Very beautiful Summer Time painting !!!
Have a very pleasant summer day !!!

Karen Fox said...

Isn't summer great! This really brings back those lazy days of childhood as well as the previous "jump" painting.
I was out yesterday too. 5 of us on some bridge north of Uxbridge. Oil paint and sweat, good times!

Frank A. said...

Thank you, ART-TRAVELLER..

Summer is the time to "sort of" let loose and refresh..!
Just my opinion though ! ;)

Peace !


Frank A. said...

Hi Karen..

"Isn't summer great! "

Yes. you got that right ! But, someone forgot to tell the "bugs".

Glad to hear that you were out painting. Sometimes the heat can be as bad or worse than the cold and snow. But still, both can still be "good times" painting.

Keep smearing paint !