Tuesday, June 03, 2014

A Short Drive Into The Countryside..

Roadside Vegetable Stand    14" x 18"    O/C

This scene is not unusual in our neck of the woods. A short drive into the country side , and one may discover a cornucopia of farm fresh goods from a variety of roadside vegetable stands. Well worth the short getaway drive.

As with the previous painting, Woodland Brook, this painting was also executed primarily with a number six hog bristle brush. A rigger was used for the high lighted spots of white and my signature.
Some of the other thin lines that can be seen were scratched in with my palette knife. 
This number six brush seems to be the right one for this size canvas or panel for me.

'til next...



Nice countryside scene and wonderful painting !!!

Frank A. said...

Thanks again, ART-TRAVELLER !

Yes, lots of nice stuff to paint in the countryside and not far from home.