Monday, June 09, 2014

A Drive In The Country..

Pasture With A View    10" x 12"    O/P

This painting takes after the previous couple of paintings in that I used a number six, eight and rigger brush to paint this piece.
Previous to using the brushes, I used a paper towel, bunched up,  to spread the the first layer of paint that I covered the panel with. Different colours were applied to the surface and rubbed around.  After the rubbing, I used a fresh piece of paper towel and proceeded to wipe away the areas that would  be
lighter in he painting. (Notan?) I drew in or painted the recognizable objects into the lighter areas that had just been rubbed clean.
I then used my largest brush to add colour, (shadow areas and brightest brights) blend edges and then added finishing touches (details) with the rigger.
The painting developed fast in the beginning and seemed to continue the same way until finished.

'til next..



Very beautiful summer drive in the country !!!
Have a nice and creative day !!!

Frank A. said...

Thank you, ART-TRAVELLER !

'Have a nice and creative day !!!'

Thanks, and you as well !

Frank A.

Karen Fox said...

It looks great and I appreciate the lesson in technique Frank.

Frank A. said...

Karen, thank you! You are welcome !

Keep whatever works for you and forget the rest ! :)

Frank A.