Tuesday, May 27, 2014

That time of year again.

Lilacs, Spring 2014      20" x  24"    O/C

Well, it is that, "lilac time of year" again ! Each year at this time, it seems to me that I just have to do, "one more" obligatory lilac painting . If I do only one still life or flower painting a year, this is it !

The perfume smell of Lilacs always reminds me of the 'hair cut days' of my youth . I'm sure many of us remember those days when we had to sit on "the board" that stretched across the arms of the barber chair. While the barber gave you "the every boy" haircut, your eyes were captivated by the many coloured bottles of hair tonic that lined the counter in front of the mirror. 
And when the barber was finished giving you his 'every boy special', he always asked, "Anything on your hair? Before you could answer, he would be splashing his most popular almost empty bottle of tonic on your head. 
..Funny how stepping onto the sidewalk from the barber's shop with this tonic dripping from my ears, and smelling like a lilac bush, can leave such a strong memory ! 

Until next spring!.

...'til next..


AK said...

This is fantastic... and the ode to the lilacs is pure nostalgia!

Frank A. said...


Thank you very much, AK. I appreciate your compliment and comment.
I am sure that all of us have our own special/personal memories that are triggered on occasion by one or all of our senses.
It is a good thing ! :)



Very wonderful flowers composition with very nice colours too!!!
Have a nice day !!!

Frank A. said...


Thank you for your thoughts and compliments on and for my painting.

Happy Painting ! :)

Karen Fox said...

You almost made me cry. What a sweet memory that you painted in words so well, as are your lilacs.

Frank A. said...

.. Thank you for the kind words and thoughts, Karen.

Happy Painting.. :)


Bruce Sherman said...

Gidday Loner!... The best paintings come from the heart. Such a painting ... as this one you have offered is composed of more than just brushstrokes that touch the canvas.

Your painting reveals a deeply held memory that you have shared publically. Unusual for you Frank... but my hat's off to you on this one Buds!

I too sat on another board... in another barbershop... but came away with that same lilac memory which carried us together annually to Barriefield village and Lilac Row.

Remember that? I do and treasure the memory of those lilac days and our long friendship!

Good Painting!
Happy Trails!

Jane said...

This is really gorgeous , love the opulence of this bouquet ! Smells and music are very strong memory triggers!

Frank A. said...

Yes, thank you Bruce.
All you have written is true. A lot of good memories have floated under that bridge, not to be forgotten.


Frank A. said...

Jane.. Thank you very much for your comment and for taking the time to post it.
I appreciate it very much !

Frank A.