Friday, May 30, 2014

The last of the cheese cloth experiments..

Camp Over    6" x 8"     O/P

This is the last support of the 'cheese cloth' experimental panels that I was playing with a couple of days ago. I still like the effect of  texture when the loose paint is applied to it. Each panel held its own surprise. The surface was inconsistent  from panel to panel even though I followed the same plan from panel to panel. By "inconsistent",  I mean that the panel absorbed the paint from panel to panel at different rates. I found that this can wreck havoc with a person's technique . So, quality control seems to be out the window.
Oh well, it was worth the try !

The painting above was lots of fun in spite of the panel.
After I was comfortable with the composition, I proceeded to paint from the top down as opposed to all over the canvas. The problem that I set up for myself was to paint in black and white from the top and gradually introduce colour as I reached for the bottom of the panel.
I probably will not be trying that again anytime soon.. !

..'til next..



Very nice painting and very interesting your experiments with cloth !!!
Have a nice weekend !!!

Frank A. said...

Thank you, ART-TRAVELLER !

..Sometimes the experiments work but mostly they do not. Just keep trying I guess.

You have a great weekend as well !