Tuesday, April 01, 2014

The Sugar Bush

Working Sugar Bush    16" x 20"    O/C

What we see in the painting above is a working sugar house in a sugar bush. The horses, pulling the sap from the maple trees to the sugar shack for processing to maple sugar is rather "old world" in the present and larger sugar bush.
In today's world, the maple sap is gathered from trees using plastic hose, running from tree to tree and then to the sugar house. Certainly not a romantic nor nostalgic as we imagined the view just a few years ago, is it ?
On top of the sugar shack we see  the escape of the water from the sap as vapour/ steam during the boiling off process. The liquid that remains in the large kettle after this process is Maple Syrup.

The colours derived for this painting were created from my usual limited palette. My medium was Odourless Mineral Spirits, used sparingly.

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Kendall Kessler said...

Beautiful work!

Frank A. said...

Kendall Kessler.

Kendall.. Thank you very much for your compliment and for taking the time to post it.

Dean H. said...

Beautifully done, Frank! Great depth!!


Very wonderful !!!

Frank A. said...

Dean H.
Thanks Dean.
I appreciate your opinion.

I really enjoyed viewing your your site, Deano's Den.

Frank A.

Frank A. said...


Thank you. It is reassuring to see your post.

Best of painting..

Karen Fox said...

I enjoy the detail in this one Frank. The barn is handled beautifully. It does tell the story well.

Frank A. said...

Karen Fox--

Hi Karen.. Thanks, glad that you enjoyed it. I think that it may have gotten away from me a bit. I usually prefer to keep them just a little more "impressionistic". Oh well.. :)

Paint On !

Aly said...

Hi Poppy,

Love this one. Probably my favourite of the "Sugar Shacks"! I'm really enjoying all your recent inclusion of lots of horses, people, and other "live action". :)

Love you lots,

Frank A. said...

Hi Aly !

I am happy that you like this one for the reasons that you mention.
I think that it was time for a 'change of thought" or better still, "tactic". :)

Love you more !

Poppy.. :)

an muti said...
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