Thursday, October 17, 2013

Autumn waits for no one...

County Road in Autumn    9" x 12"    o/p
Already the painting hours of the day during this autumn season are noticeably shorter The available light from a clear day are now approximately three hours shorter than the late summer hours we were used to.
So, the rush is on to capture the fall colours before they are blown from the trees and fields. 
This particular piece was painted on a Masonite panel that had previously been double coated with gesso and a layer of acrylic (red orange) applied to the surface.
A limited palette had been used for this painting.
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David King said...

Yes, the pressure is on! My only complaint about the autumn season is that it's far too short. I took the day off work today and traveled to a favorite spot to paint, unfortunately the peak colors had passed. I meant to go there last weekend buy my schedule and the weather would did not cooporate.

Frank A. said...

David King...

Hi David !
...Happy to receive your comment. You are right, the fall season is all together too short. The colours around here reached their peak about two weeks ago, although there are still some spots around.

I hope that you do find something that will make your autumn paint out worth while.

Good Luck !

Good luck with that !


I always like visiting your interesting blog and enjoy your very wonderful painting !!!
Have a nice weekend !!!

Frank A. said...

ART-TRAVELLER... Thank you very much for your kind comments on my blog and for my paintings. Thank you also for your past visits and comments.
You are always welcome.

Best of painting to you.