Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Painting In Rockport on the St. Lawrence River

The Tug At Fish Rock   16" x 20"   O/C

I had the pleasure of  this past week end to 'plein air paint' in the friendly village of Rockkport. Rockport sits on the north shore of the St. Lawrence River, east of Kingston and is a busy tourist jumping of point to the world famous Thousand Islands tours and to the equally famous Bolt Castle.

As well as painting in and around the village, a side trip to the beautifully restored Bolt Castle was the order of one painting day. Many hours of painting could be spent here with all the different subject matter that has been restored and manicured. Just one example would be the "Power House" that would have provided the water and hydro to the castle as well as a clock tower and "chimes" that could have been heard by passing pleasure craft.

The tour boat approaching Bolt Castle from Rockport.


The Power House - Bolt Castle    9" x 12"    o/p

Painting 'The Power House '
I take this opportunity to thank publicly my good friends, Debra and her husband Bruce Sherman for adopting and putting up with me in their home for the three days of painting in Rockport.
Bruce and Deb , together, own and operate a Gallery from their home in Rockport.
It is with pride that I say Bruce and I have put a lot of miles and paint on our Ol' easels over the years and I feel we both think of each other as, "A Brother In Paint "!
"Thanks again guys for the great time ! "
Bruce painting at Bolt Castle..
'til next..

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Aly said...

Hi Poppy!

Just wanted to say I love your paintings of Boldt Castle, especially the tugboat in Rockport - one of my new favourites!

Lots of love,