Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Break Through At Beaver Dam ...

Beaver Dam    8" x 10"   O/P

This piece was painted on a pre stained Masonite panel. The stain was a warm reddish orange and gave the top third of the painting a warm glow through the final thin layer.
The palette for this painting was, ultramarine blue, Prussian blue, alizarin, cad red light, cad yellow med, yellow ocher, and titanium white.

I also had yellow green, and sap green on my palette.

Most of the painting was done using a number eight flat brush and the finest touches, with a rigger brush. The heavier  texture was kept to the bottom third of the painting in order to help with the impression of the perspective in the painting
Even though the painting was done on a small panel, it was one of those paintings that seemed to paint itself. 

Another fun piece !

'til next ...

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