Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Back To Amherst Island..

Wool House Ahead    12" x 14"    O/C

The fall season is beginning to cast it's familiar golden glow in the fields and trees. It will not be long now before the many autumn colour start to appear in the deciduous trees. 

It will signal the beginning of the all to short, Autumn Plein Air Painting Season.

Again, my limited palette was used for this Amherst Island painting. This limited palette is, ultramarine blue, Prussian blue, cerulean blue, alizarin. cad. red med. cad yellow med. yellow ochre, and titanium white.
Although most of the greens for this painting were mixed using the blues and yellows on the palette,  for continuity of the "big" picture, I also had on my palette, chromium oxide. permanent green and a yellow-green that I would add to my mixed greens just to alter them a bit here and there on the canvas.

I used a small round brush to lay in the drawing and composition, then changed to a flat number eight bristle brush.
My medium was odourless mineral spirits .

In my books, I would call this a "fun painting".

'til next...

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