Monday, August 19, 2013

Touched By A Late August

Touched By A Late August....10" x 12"    o/p
A bright, sunny and warm summer day ! A perfect and relaxing summer day to paint together and visit with an old outdoor painter friend. I do not think that it would have mattered what the scene was. Just the act of applying paint to panel or canvas and enjoying each others company was full feeling for both of us, I am sure.
The panel was a Masonite panel that had been prepared with gesso and two coats of a red-orange acrylic paint. Bits and pieces of the reddish background colour may be seen through the painted layers (colours) of the panel. I feel that these small bits of reddish colours, or its' warm glow under the final colours, appearing in different areas of the painting , in this particular example, help to pull the final painting together.
Am I the only one to feel that this is true ?
'til next..

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Bruce Sherman said...

Gidday Loner!... You are not the only one who felt that way!

It was a wonderful day Frank... filled with pigment and playful conversation... and fellowship - the stuff of more than thirty years that we have shared time together.

The painting is a late summer gem... filled with the promise of colourful fall times to come!

A great day for two ol' painting pals sharing...

Happy Trails!