Wednesday, August 14, 2013

The Damn And Footbridge of The Historic Odessa Mill

The Historic Odessa Mill Damn    10" x 12"    O/P

After some indecision about painting the old mill and a short time of  'scouting around', I settled upon the view of the historic damn. I think that I was drawn to the scene by the wild flowers and the sound of the water falling over the old damn logs.  A beautiful spot to paint !
I used a fairly limited palette for this painting. Important to me was the fact that I did not use or put alizarin on my palette, for the first time.

The above photo is a view of the scene that I chose to paint.

This is a view of the mill that I decided not to paint. Maybe another time.

'til next..


Carol Horzempa said...

Very how you handled the wildflowers. I really enjoy seeing a photo of the actual scene you paint from and then your beautiful interpretation of it.

Frank A. said...

Carol Horzempa..

Carol.. Thank you for your comment and compliment. Both are greatly appreciated.
..Must add that I really enjoyed your blog. Good luck with that "dog training" thingy ! :-)



Very beautiful art work !!!
The Historic Odessa Mill Damn looks very interesting place !!!
Have a nice day !!!

Frank A. said...


It always nice to have a comment or compliment from someone who is familiar with the artist's work.

Thank you very much !

..May your next painting always be your best painting !